Ross on Wye Golf Club

The Ross-on-Wye Golf Club

The Herefordshire Men's County Championships

Saturday 2nd June 2012, White Tees, Ross-on-Wye

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 74R2 CSS 73TotalPar
1st R Lloyd Herefordshire Golf Club (4)7473147+3
2nd James Morgan (2)7874152+8
3rd Jamie Roach (3)7874152+8
4th Adrian Marshall Herefordshire Golf Club (3)7974153+9
5th P R 2000 Moses Burghill Valley Golf Club (6)7677153+9
6th Neil Greening Herefordshire Golf Club (4)7578153+9
7th G R 2151 Haines Burghill Valley Golf Club (4)7876154+10
8th Ross Moore Kington Golf Club (1)7976155+11
9th Ryan Jones Belmont Lodge & Golf Club (4)7977156+12
10th Jon Devereux Herefordshire Golf Club (-1)7878156+12
11th B 2236 Fisher Burghill Valley Golf Club (6)8275157+13
12th Steve Wallbank (4)7978157+13
13th David Gardner (3)7780157+13
14th B P Carter Burghill Valley Golf Club (6)8078158+14
15th N 201 Crockett Burghill Valley Golf Club (7)8078158+14
16th Alex Allen Herefordshire Golf Club (1)7880158+14
17th C M 2119 Rose Burghill Valley Golf Club (3)8080160+16
18th Richard Devine Belmont Lodge & Golf Club (5)8280162+18
19th Richard Beaumont (6)9172163+19
20th Nick Crum (9)8479163+19
21st E A 2904 Morley Burghill Valley Golf Club (4)8281163+19
22nd Keith Crawford (5)8182163+19
23rd Kevin Gibbons Leominster Golf Club (5)8381164+20
24th Nigel Morris Leominster Golf Club (7)8381164+20
25th Jeff J Davis Burghill Valley Golf Club (5)8580165+21
26th N J Brant Burghill Valley Golf Club (6)8780167+23
27th Richard Maloney JNR Leominster Golf Club (6)8384167+23
28th A J 1882 Webb Burghill Valley Golf Club (6)8781168+24
29th M S 1636 Lewis Burghill Valley Golf Club (6)7989168+24
30th K Alexander Kington Golf Club (6)8485169+25
31st Adam Herbert Herefordshire Golf Club (9)8486170+26
32nd Mike Wood Leominster Golf Club (6)8982171+27
33rd Dave McGrath Herefordshire Golf Club (7)8883171+27
34th E 2386 Buck (6)8685171+27
35th G C Moore Kington Golf Club (9)8785172+28
36th N R 2500 Williams (11)8488172+28
37th Steve Radziejowski Herefordshire Golf Club (9)8885173+29
38th T 2847 Cook Burghill Valley Golf Club (7)8489173+29
39th D Tedstone Burghill Valley Golf Club (12)8391174+30
40th Dean Gosling Herefordshire Golf Club (9)9088178+34
41st Steve Dyer Herefordshire Golf Club (8)8692178+34
42nd J P Ashford Kington Golf Club (13)9090180+36
43rd Chris Harvey South Herefordshire Golf Club (10)9091181+37
44th Michael Lawrence (13)8992181+37
45th Jon K Williams Herefordshire Golf Club (9)8893181+37
46th Lee Ferneyhough Herefordshire Golf Club (9)8794181+37
47th Stuart Gwynne Herefordshire Golf Club (5)9191182+38
48th T G Smith Kington Golf Club (8)9391184+40
49th K A Williams Herefordshire Golf Club (10)8995184+40
50th A R 1426 Hicks Burghill Valley Golf Club (14)9194185+41
51st Tony Gwynne Herefordshire Golf Club (12)9495189+45
52nd Philip Andrews Hereford Municipal Golf Club (17)9698194+50
53rd Terry M Robinson (15)10994203+59
54th Malcolm Brown (18)97110207+63
55th Paul Fisher Herefordshire Golf Club (5)81NR  
56th Karl A. Alexander Warwickshire (The) Golf Club (7)84NR  
57th N P Venables Kington Golf Club (12)95NR  
58th Graham Gammage Herefordshire Golf Club (14)99NR  
59th Malcolm Davies Leominster Golf Club (16)97NR  
60th Robin Price Kington Golf Club (13)91NR  
61st P 1888 Harrison Burghill Valley Golf Club (5)8787+15
62nd Nick Hemmings Belmont Lodge & Golf Club (2)NR  
63rd William McGrath (18)NR  
64th L J Gosling Herefordshire Golf Club (11)94WD  

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