Ross on Wye Golf Club

The Ross-on-Wye Golf Club

Men's Scratch Cup (1)

Sunday 6th July 2008, White Tees, Ross-on-Wye (Pre 1-10-2010)

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ResultsNettCSS 73
1st Mr L Krupa *update(3) 70
2nd C Fearnley *update(2) 71
3rd Mr H Fowler *update(4) 72
4th M Parrott *update(4) 72
5th Mr M Burris *update(3) 72
6th Mr N Scholey *update(0) 72
7th P Garland *update(1) 73
8th E Kennedy *update(0) 73
9th O Glaze *update(-1) 73
10th Mr R Langdon *update(-1) 74
11th Mr T Dawson *update(4) 74
12th Mr J Church *update(3) 74
13th Mr C Evans *update(0) 74
14th Adam Salter(4)  Burford Golf Club75
15th M Day *update(4)  Burford Golf Club75
16th C Moon *update(2)  Burford Golf Club75
17th A Stevens *update(0)  Burford Golf Club75
18th J Cuff *update(2)  Burford Golf Club75
19th Mr G Mills *update(5)  Burford Golf Club75
20th Mr R Carter *update(0)  Burford Golf Club75
21st Mr C Mclean *update(1)  Burford Golf Club76
22nd C Dawe *update(4)  Burford Golf Club76
23rd Mr A Wilson *update(4)  Burford Golf Club76
24th Mr J Wilks *update(5)  Burford Golf Club76
25th Mr S Hopkins *update(1)  Burford Golf Club76
26th Mr J Harris *update(4)  Burford Golf Club76
27th Alex Whittall(3) 76
28th Mr N Thompson *update(1) 76
29th Mr S Morgan *update(3) 76
30th C Lloyd *update(-2) 76
31st D Robinson *update(4) 77
32nd Mr R Henson *update(1) 77
33rd Andrew Hale(-1)  Chipping Sodbury Golf Club77
34th P Morgan *update(2)  Chipping Sodbury Golf Club77
35th Adam Jenkinson(3)  Knowle Golf Club77
36th Mr J Lally *update(4)  Knowle Golf Club78
37th Mr C Haywood *update(4)  Knowle Golf Club78
38th Mr R Hughes *update(3)  Knowle Golf Club79
39th Mr J Mann *update(5)  Knowle Golf Club79
40th D Lake *update(0)  Knowle Golf Club79
41st T Workman *update(2)  Knowle Golf Club79
42nd D Parrott *update(5)  Knowle Golf Club80
43rd L Potter *update(3)  Knowle Golf Club80
44th O Layton *update(3)  Knowle Golf Club80
45th Mr C Jefferies *update(4)  Knowle Golf Club80
46th Mr T Hogarty *update(5)  Knowle Golf Club80
47th Martyn Walker(2) 81
48th Mr S Payne *update(2) 81
49th S Hardy *update(4) 81
50th Phillip Woolley *update(2) 81
51st K Trewin *update(3) 82
52nd P Gibson *update(4) 83
53rd Andrew Smart(6) 85
54th O Hooper *update(3) 85
55th A Douglas *update(4) 86
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