Ross on Wye Golf Club

The Ross-on-Wye Golf Club

Ladies Silver Open

Tuesday 8th July 2008, Red Tees, Ross-on-Wye (Pre 1-10-2010)

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Results PointsCSS 74 (Visitors 75)
1st Bronwyn Godley(18) 40
2nd Pam Ellis(15) Sapey Golf Club38
3rd Wendy Ducker *update(19) Sapey Golf Club37
4th Erika Atkins(12)36
5th Audrey Nottage(18)36
6th Emer Disley *update(14)35
7th Myra Lewis *update(12)35
8th Fiona Smith *update(10)34
9th Corinne Mills(20) Worcestershire Golf Club33
10th Pat Catlin *update(10) Worcestershire Golf Club33
11th Chris Mitchell *update(20) Worcestershire Golf Club33
12th Kerry Welding(11)33
13th Chris Lees *update(16)33
14th Jan Etheridge *update(14)33
15th Winifred Huggett(20)32
16th Pam Duke(19)32
17th Sheila Ludlow(15)32
18th Jane Howells *update(14)32
19th Wilma Macnamara(13)32
20th Amanda Marshall(14)32
21st Jane Thompson *update(19)32
22nd Amanda Marshall(15)32
23rd Helen Palmer(5)32
24th Lis Henniker Heaton *update(9)32
25th Cath Francis *update(9)32
26th Denise Laird(18)31
27th Marie-anne Belton(18)31
28th Marge Pinch *update(12)31
29th Janet Hyndman(17)31
30th Margaret Davis(13)31
31st Julia Grant-Duff(15)31
32nd Val Watts(19)31
33rd Ann Pearson *update(14)30
34th Dinah Johnston(14)30
35th Ellie Peake(16)30
36th Pam Collins *update(9)30
37th Jacqui Good(19)30
38th Jill Oates(11)30
39th Anita Dart(13) Kington Golf Club30
40th Penny Caves(15)30
41st Hilary Hall(14)29
42nd Pat Watkins(8) Sapey Golf Club29
43rd Sarah Mansell *update(12) Sapey Golf Club29
44th jean Barker *update(17) Sapey Golf Club29
45th Jean Ovens(15)29
46th Jan Armstrong(17)29
47th Jean Elizabeth Reynolds(10)29
48th Pam Philips *update(15)29
49th Jenny Bishop *update(14)29
50th Elizabeth Freeman *update(17)28
51st Lin Bennett(14)28
52nd Ann Hirst *update(17)28
53rd Kath Fieldhouse *update(15)27
54th Mary Strutt *update(12)27
55th Alison Harvey(12)27
56th Mary Horrobin *update(15)27
57th Barbara Beale(17)27
58th Annette Mansie(17)27
59th Marian Kirkland(18)27
60th Susie Smith(20)27
61st Diane Martin(19)27
62nd Pat Martin *update(13)26
63rd Anne Crocker(20)26
64th Pat Furley *update(13)26
65th Cathie Bishop *update(12)26
66th Joan Broady *update(13)26
67th Ros Eaton *update(18)26
68th Suzy Sibley *update(19)25
69th Scarlett Knipe(19)25
70th Suki Clarke *update(17)25
71st Chris Crane(14)25
72nd Ruth Scott *update(20)25
73rd Hazel Day *update(16)24
74th Angela Wikes *update(15)24
75th Ann Wheatstone(13) Herefordshire Golf Club24
76th Alyson Fairchild *update(20) Herefordshire Golf Club23
77th Philippa Frost(16) Worcestershire Golf Club23
78th Lin Parsons *update(11) Worcestershire Golf Club22
79th Barbara Radbourne(20) Kington Golf Club22
80th Lynda Wiggins(0)11
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