Ross on Wye Golf Club

The Ross-on-Wye Golf Club


Sunday 9th August 2009, Red Tees, Ross-on-Wye (Pre 1-10-2010)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 73 (Visitors 73)
1st Eleana Ivall(25)  69
2nd Denise Laird(18) 69
3rd Mandy Preece(24)  Burghill Valley Golf Club70
4th Kerry Welding(11) 71
5th Anita Leaver(21)  South Herefordshire Golf Club72
6th Becky Lloyd(18)  Burghill Valley Golf Club74
7th Helen Palmer(6) 74
8th Jan Armstrong(13) 74
9th Barbara Beale(16) 74
10th Marie Parry(23)  Herefordshire Golf Club75
11th Eleanor Harrison(20)  75
12th Mo Wilde(26)  Burghill Valley Golf Club75
13th Joan Malim(13) 75
14th Geraldine Kelly(13)  Burghill Valley Golf Club76
15th Wendy Lane(22)  Leominster Golf Club76
16th Pat Watkins(8)  Sapey Golf Club76
17th Gillian Sandell(24)  Leominster Golf Club76
18th Zoe Edwards(8)  South Herefordshire Golf Club76
19th Jessica Filbrandt(26)  Leominster Golf Club77
20th Pam Ellis(15)  Sapey Golf Club77
21st Val Watts(19) 77
22nd Alison Harvey(12) 77
23rd Philippa Frost(17)  Kington Golf Club77
24th Emma Harris(5)  Herefordshire Golf Club78
25th Jackie Wheatstone(17) 78
26th Chris Crane(17) 78
27th Pauline Smith(20)  Burghill Valley Golf Club78
28th Wilma Macnamara(14) 79
29th Sharon Helps(14)  Burghill Valley Golf Club79
30th Anita Dart(10)  Kington Golf Club79
31st Chris Higgins(19)  Burghill Valley Golf Club80
32nd Jean Crum(28)  Hereford Municipal Golf Club80
33rd Brenda Tingley(18)  Herefordshire Golf Club80
34th Pauline Crockett(16)  Burghill Valley Golf Club80
35th Martha Norton(18)  80
36th Angela Wilkes(14)  Kington Golf Club81
37th Lisa Digings(29)  Worcestershire Golf Club81
38th Kate Hamilton(16)  Sapey Golf Club81
39th Jill Oates(12) 81
40th Dinah Johnston(14) 81
41st Marilyn Howard(16)  Burghill Valley Golf Club81
42nd Mandy Haines(27)  Burghill Valley Golf Club82
43rd Julie Powell(19)  Burghill Valley Golf Club82
44th Lynda Wiggins(19) 82
45th Ann Midwinter(30)  Burghill Valley Golf Club83
46th Sue Mawby(4)  Herefordshire Golf Club83
47th Chris Rivers(23)  South Herefordshire Golf Club83
48th Erika Atkins(12) 83
49th Jane Powles(16)  Leominster Golf Club83
50th Glynne Hall(14)  Herefordshire Golf Club83
51st Hilary Hall(14)  Belmont Lodge & Golf Club84
52nd Pam Williams(25)  Herefordshire Golf Club85
53rd Chris Anning(30)  Hereford Municipal Golf Club85
54th Pam Duke(20) 86
55th Carol Gardner(17)  Leominster Golf Club86
56th Carol Rudd(26)  Leominster Golf Club86
57th Chloe Ballard(20)  Sapey Golf Club86
58th Lesley Turbutt(12)  Leominster Golf Club87
59th Jill Wargen(20)  South Herefordshire Golf Club87
60th Pat Johnson(18) 87
61st Marian Kirkland(20) 88
62nd Jean Brookes(30)  Burghill Valley Golf Club88
63rd Kate Block(17)  Kington Golf Club89
64th Lorena Blower(21)  Burghill Valley Golf Club89
65th Jo Ellam(17)  Herefordshire Golf Club90
66th Anne Burns(23)  Leominster Golf Club90
67th Tim Horsefield(25)  South Herefordshire Golf Club91
68th Margaret Edwin(23)  South Herefordshire Golf Club101
69th Amanda Marshall(13) NR

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