Ross on Wye Golf Club

The Ross-on-Wye Golf Club


Wednesday 5th July 2017, Yellow Tees, RoWGC

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Results PointsCSS 70 (Visitors 71)
1st Charles Walker(10)42
2nd Paul Jeffery(27) Clevedon Golf Club42
3rd Barry Williams(11) Wollaton Park Golf Club40
4th Martin Pimlow(13)40
5th Dennis Godley(18) Clevedon Golf Club39
6th ian saunders(12) Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort39
7th Dick Edwards(20) Radyr Golf Club39
8th Colin Bennion(10)38
9th Chris Hughes(25) St Pierre Golf Club37
10th Paul Keasey(14) Hagley Golf & Country Club37
11th Rob Williams(22) Radyr Golf Club37
12th Hugh Campbell(22) Mendip Golf Club37
13th Derek Kirby(20) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)37
14th Nick Swan(17)37
15th Peter Smith(13)37
16th Keith Tayton(19) St Pierre Golf Club36
17th Colin Price(14)36
18th Phil Cotterell(16) St Pierre Golf Club36
19th Vic Baldwin(11) Raglan Parc Golf Club36
20th Chris Good(14)36
21st Gareth William Jones(16) Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort35
22nd Bob Ansell(12) St Pierre Golf Club35
23rd Neil Tothill(12) Minchinhampton Golf Club35
24th Dennis Moore(23) St Pierre Golf Club35
25th Barrie Melhuish(11) Royal Porthcawl Golf Club35
26th Andrew Baldwin(18)35
27th Clive Whitson(15)35
28th Ian Hughes(11) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club35
29th W Knapper(16)35
30th John Rees(17) Radyr Golf Club35
31st Frank Fahey(13) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club35
32nd Steve R Donovan(8) Llantrisant & Pontyclun34
33rd Martin Joyner(18) Hagley Golf & Country Club34
34th S M 1287 Soobhany(19) Burghill Valley Golf Club34
35th John Hitchcock(27) Painswick Golf Club34
36th Derek E Bayliss(14) Minchinhampton Golf Club34
37th Russell James(20) Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort34
38th Richard Thomas(21) Radyr Golf Club34
39th Ray D Sinden(19) Carmarthen Golf Club34
40th Ken Gealy(16) Carmarthen Golf Club34
41st Timothy Lewis(17)34
42nd Gordon Glover(7) Kington Golf Club33
43rd J R Chaytor-Jackson(8) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club33
44th Adrian Berry(18)33
45th Dave Powell(12) Raglan Parc Golf Club33
46th Gethin Jenkins(23)33
47th A Courtney(14) Worcester Golf & Country Club33
48th Barry Ingram(16) Llanwern Golf Club33
49th David Palser(18) Radyr Golf Club33
50th Martin Pollard(21) St Pierre Golf Club33
51st David L Evans(21) Radyr Golf Club33
52nd Richard Morton(21) Minchinhampton Golf Club32
53rd ROBERT CAMPBELL(16) Kidderminster Golf Club32
54th Scott Thomson(20)32
55th Tim Fewell(16)32
56th K.John Hill(11) Radyr Golf Club32
57th Charlie Park(22) St Pierre Golf Club32
58th Norman Davies(16) Radyr Golf Club32
59th Martin Cooper(13) Cumberwell Park Golf Club32
60th Mike Young(16) Radyr Golf Club32
61st Richard Tromans(12)32
62nd Graham Gornall(12) Dewstow Golf Club32
63rd Gwyn Christopher(23) Radyr Golf Club31
64th John Llewellyn(13) Radyr Golf Club31
65th Timothy Baker(21) Cotswold Hills Golf Club31
66th Eric Millard(23) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club31
67th Paul Oakley(23) Radyr Golf Club31
68th Jez Longdon(18) Filton Golf Club31
69th John Tookey(16) Broadway Golf Club31
70th Geoffrey Lowe(8) Henbury Golf Club31
71st Roger Henley(13) Filton Golf Club31
72nd E Potter(19) Raglan Parc Golf Club31
73rd Alan Morgan(12) Llantrisant & Pontyclun31
74th Luigi Iafrate(17) Llanwern Golf Club31
75th John Wedlake(22) Glamorganshire Golf Club30
76th Paul Lynn(24) Hagley Golf & Country Club30
77th M A Williams(18) Glamorganshire Golf Club30
78th Jon Hayes(20) Cotswold Hills Golf Club30
79th David Palmer(20) Drayton Park Golf Course30
80th Alister Morrison(19) Radyr Golf Club30
81st Richard Jones(21) Radyr Golf Club30
82nd Stan G Jones(10) Worcestershire Golf Club30
83rd Peter Jenkins(26)30
84th John Wright(21) Minchinhampton Golf Club - Old Course30
85th Peter Hyett(21) Glamorganshire Golf Club30
86th Len Markham(22) St Pierre Golf Club30
87th Dennis Lansing(17) Radyr Golf Club30
88th David Morgan(25)30
89th S A (Alan) Smyth(6) Filton Golf Club29
90th joe davies(13) Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort29
91st David E Thomas(25) Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort29
92nd Peter J Probert(10) Llanwern Golf Club29
93rd Stuart Barclay(14) Carmarthen Golf Club29
94th Michael Lawrence(15)29
95th Meirion Griffiths(12) Carmarthen Golf Club29
96th allan garley(14) Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort29
97th Peter Harris(14) St Pierre Golf Club29
98th John Pugh(20) Minchinhampton Golf Club29
99th Brent Mundy(13) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club28
100th Kenneth Price(18) Hagley Golf & Country Club28
101st Michael Venables(16) Clevedon Golf Club28
102nd Paul Moxham(21) Bristol & Clifton Golf Club28
103rd Tim Huckle(15) St Pierre Golf Club28
104th Richard Murrayi(13) Monmouthshire Golf Club28
105th Roger Fay(9) Cotswold Edge Golf Club28
106th Trevor Rosser(19) St Pierre Golf Club28
107th Percy Soper(16) Filton Golf Club28
108th David Thomas(19) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club28
109th Kevin Welch(21) Hagley Golf & Country Club28
110th David Langford-Jones(18) Radyr Golf Club28
111th Simon S Barratt(20) Carmarthen Golf Club28
112th Jon Cunningham(19) Filton Golf Club28
113th Cecil Wheatstone(16)28
114th M F King(20) Southerndown Golf Club27
115th Robert Briscoe(22) Llanwern Golf Club27
116th Brian Macdonald(24) Radyr Golf Club27
117th John Nelson-Smith(12) Bristol & Clifton Golf Club27
118th Andrew Cheetham(14) Bristol & Clifton Golf Club27
119th Gerry Price(22) Radyr Golf Club27
120th Roderick Brindley(14) Broadway Golf Club27
121st John Bateman(17) St Pierre Golf Club27
122nd Norman Basson(14) Cumberwell Park Golf Club27
123rd John Connors(13) Clevedon Golf Club26
124th Peter Clair(13) Cumberwell Park Golf Club26
125th Bob Baker(10)26
126th Pat Leightley(14) Filton Golf Club26
127th Anthony Joyce(21) Burnham & Berrow Golf Club26
128th john pascos(14) Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort26
129th Bob Phillips(17) Clevedon Golf Club26
130th Michael Hughes(14) Tall Pines Golf Club26
131st Chris Abako(20) Llanwern Golf Club25
132nd Godfrey Lewis(17) Llantrisant & Pontyclun25
133rd ceri edwards(16) Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort25
134th Gary Cooper(27) Radyr Golf Club24
135th J R Irvine(13) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club23
136th Trevor Norton(10) Worcester Golf & Country Club23
137th David Thrower(21) Alexander Park Resort23
138th David A Taylor(23) Hagley Golf & Country Club23
139th Mike Pigott(14) The Gloucester Golf Club23
140th Bob Wolstenholme(22) St Pierre Golf Club22
141st Robert Kirkwood(17) Clevedon Golf Club22
142nd Bryan Davis(17)22
143rd Paul Leather(9) Cumberwell Park Golf Club22
144th Robert Barton Hill(20) Long Ashton Golf Club21
145th Peter Eccles *update(9) Long Ashton Golf Club21
146th Richard Allen(18) Bargoed Golf Club20
147th Albert Burns(21) Radyr Golf Club20
148th Ken Lawrence(10) Raglan Parc Golf Club20
149th Graham James(19) St Pierre Golf Club18
150th Hugh Elliott(15)18
151st Ken Sharpe(28) Burghill Valley Golf Club16
WD Mike Lewis(13) St Pierre Golf ClubWD
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