Ross on Wye Golf Club

The Ross-on-Wye Golf Club

Mens Singles Open

Sunday 4th June 2017, White Tees, RoWGC

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 72 (Visitors 74)
1st Robert Ford(12)  Pontypridd Golf Club67
2nd Andrew Passman(10)  Hereford Municipal Golf Club69
3rd Nick Voleinik(3)  Creigiau Golf Club69
4th James Morgan(2) 70
5th B P Evans(22)  Wenvoe Castle Golf Club70
6th James Stock(5)  St Pierre Golf Club70
7th Neil Riley(8)  Pontypridd Golf Club71
8th Stefan Hunt(11)  Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club71
9th Liam Greig(11) 71
10th Harry Griffiths(9) 71
11th Alastair Watkins(5) 71
12th Colin Bennion(10) 72
13th Arthur Cartwright(6) 73
14th Robin Eckley(5) 73
15th P Undery(17)  Creigiau Golf Club73
16th Graham Henley(9)  Southfield Golf Club (Oxford City)74
17th Amin Pabani(13)  Pontypridd Golf Club74
18th Hugh Elliott(15) 74
19th Martin Holloway(13)  Pontypridd Golf Club74
20th Kevin Booth(2)  Wharton Park Golf Club74
21st Peter Lawrence(10) 74
22nd Christian Bruce(12)  Brynhill Golf Club74
23rd Paul J Williams(4)  Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire)74
24th Greg Thomas(15)  Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club74
25th Tom James(17)  Pontypridd Golf Club74
26th Ryan Miller(11)  Pontypool Golf Club74
27th Philip Midwinter(11) 74
28th Aled Jones(4)  Pontypridd Golf Club74
29th Richard Tayler(0)  Llanwern Golf Club75
30th Simon Whitehall(5)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club75
31st John McAree(12)  Wenvoe Castle Golf Club75
32nd Oliver Ebsworth(7)  Burford Golf Club75
33rd Lee Price(7)  Brynhill Golf Club75
34th Calum Dawes(4)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club75
35th D O Pitt(17)  Woodlake Park Golf Club75
36th Gareth Jones(9)  Pontypridd Golf Club76
37th Roy Hubbard(9)  Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club76
38th Philip Thompson(12) 76
39th Simon Mills(5) 76
40th Jason Bolton(4) 76
41st Neil Lancett(10) 76
42nd David Blakeman(15)  Worcester Golf & Country Club76
43rd Vince Walden(6)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club77
44th Daniel Pamplin(13)  Pontypridd Golf Club77
45th wayne tanner(18)  Woodlake Park Golf Club77
46th Stephen Fergusson(7)  Harborne Golf Club77
47th Martin White(7)  The Players Club77
48th Kelvyn Davies(9)  Pontypridd Golf Club77
49th Joshua Pamplin(11)  Pontypridd Golf Club77
50th Martin A Ellis(19)  Creigiau Golf Club77
51st Nick Walters(14)  Pontypridd Golf Club77
52nd Luke Spalding(11)  Bristol & Clifton Golf Club77
53rd Stephen Penn(9)  Chippenham Golf Club78
54th Rhys Lewis(8)  Pontypridd Golf Club78
55th Simon Riordan(11)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club78
56th Mark Collis(14)  Chippenham Golf Club78
57th David Hogg(9)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club78
58th Stewart Pennell(8)  Vale of Glamorgan Hotel Golf & Spa Resort78
59th Neil Luczynski(19)  Bristol Golf Club (The)79
60th Russ McNamara(6)  Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club79
61st R Fletcher(2)  Parc Golf Club79
62nd Richard Tattersfield(4)  Moseley Golf Club79
63rd Michael A Veryard(12)  Wenvoe Castle Golf Club79
64th Mike D Edmunds(13)  Pontypridd Golf Club79
65th Craig White(5)  The Players Club80
66th James Carty(5)  Moseley Golf Club80
67th Alex Wiggins(2) 80
68th Dean Webb(9)  Pontnewydd Golf Club80
69th Steve Dawes(6)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club80
70th Geoff Robinson(13) 80
71st Nic Pomeroy(7) 81
72nd Phillip Rowsell(5)  Pontypridd Golf Club81
73rd Richard Tromans(12) 81
74th Michael Parfitt(15)  Pontypridd Golf Club82
75th Richard Webb(14)  Brynhill Golf Club82
76th Brian Westcott(9)  Wenvoe Castle Golf Club82
77th Gregory Mills(15)  Brynhill Golf Club83
78th Adam Wiggins(5)  Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club83
79th Mike Harris(4)  Celtic Manor Resort83
80th Oliver Gill(8)  Harborne Golf Club84
81st John C Francis(19)  Pontypridd Golf Club84
82nd Paul Edwards(9)  The Park Resort84
83rd B Westgate(-3)  Trevose Golf Club84
84th Richard Keeble(8)  Sapey Golf Club85
85th Nicholas Garrod(12)  Harborne Golf Club85
86th DE Fletcher(10)  Parc Golf Club85
87th Tim Winnett(18)  Stonebridge Golf Centre85
88th Andrew Anstee(21)  Brynhill Golf Club85
89th Andy Littleford(7)  Chippenham Golf Club86
90th Andy Gingell(7)  The Players Club87
91st Nick Fuller(6)  The Players Club87
92nd Harvey Riley(18)  Darnford Moors Golf Club88
93rd Michael Smith(11)  Fulford Heath Golf Club89
94th Philip A Westcott(14)  Creigiau Golf Club90
95th Craig P Johansen(14)  Creigiau Golf Club91
96th Ian Francis(16)  Wenvoe Castle Golf Club93
97th Jake Barnes(17)  Hayling Golf ClubNR
98th Sean Ryder(9)  Stafford Castle Golf ClubNR
99th Mr D Warren(14)  Wenvoe Castle Golf ClubNR
100th Mickey Perry(8)  Brynhill Golf ClubNR
101st Kevin Ryder(15)  Lichfield Golf & Country ClubNR
102nd Stuart Green(8)  Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country ClubNR
103rd Gareth Hodge(6)  Celtic Manor ResortNR
104th Paul Orr(17)  Stonebridge Golf CentreNR
105th Paul Warwick(12) NR
106th Harvey Hancock(2) NR
107th A Palmer(12)  Cleeve Cloud Golf ClubNR
108th Geraint Allen(14)  Pontypridd Golf ClubNR
109th Steve Hollinshead(5)  Worcester Golf & Country ClubNR
110th Andrew Hays(18)  The Players ClubNR
111th Derek Hancock(10) NR
112th Anthony Ottway(2)  Worcester Golf & Country ClubNR
113th Graham Stevens(10)  Kington Golf ClubNR
114th Barry Taylor(18)  Dinas Powis Golf ClubDQCard Not Signed
115th Dion McIntosh(24)  Pontypridd Golf ClubDQCard Not Returned
116th Kenneth J Newman(19)  Pontypridd Golf ClubDQNo Card Returned
117th Chris D Pennell(19)  Pontypridd Golf ClubDQNo Card Returned
118th Andrew P Richards(15)  Pontypridd Golf ClubDQNo Card Returned
119th Trevor Stevens(15)  Worcester Golf & Country ClubDQNo Card Returned
120th Michael Price(14)  Pontypool Golf ClubDQNo Card Returned
121st Anthony Pullen(13)  Pontypool Golf ClubDQNo Card Returned

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