Ross on Wye Golf Club

The Ross-on-Wye Golf Club

Ross Seniors Open July 14th 2010

Wednesday 14th July 2010, Yellow Tees, Ross-on-Wye (Pre 1-10-2010)

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Results PointsCSS 70 (Visitors 70)
1st Tony Priday(20) Burghill Valley Golf Club44
2nd Mike Harris(14)42
3rd B Platt(17) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club40
4th Roger Wickett(14) Mendip Golf Club40
5th Joe Cooke(12) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club39
6th John Barton(14) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club39
7th Peter Dawes(20) Thornbury Golf Centre39
8th David Sainsbury(17)39
9th Robert Ridd(22) Cotswold Edge Golf Club38
10th John Pippard(16) Shrivenham Golf Club38
11th Bruce Marshall(12)38
12th Geoff Tart(17) Walsall Golf Club38
13th Bob Wolstenholme(15) St Pierre Golf Club38
14th Derek Harris(9) Mill Hill Golf Club37
15th Samuel Collins(11) Cotswold Hills Golf Club37
16th M Harvey(18) Cotswold Edge Golf Club37
17th Trevor Hole(21) Cotswold Hills Golf Club37
18th Raymond Harris(20) Naunton Downs Golf Club36
19th Gregor Munro(11) Cottrell Park Golf Club36
20th Jim Fisher(14) Worcester Golf & Country Club36
21st brian perkes(16) Walsall Golf Club36
22nd Gwynne Morgan(7)36
23rd Godfrey Farr(11)36
24th Alan1 Manning(20) Neath Golf Club36
25th Doug David(13)36
26th Tim Rigden(12)36
27th Tom Haynes(17) Stover Golf Club36
28th Micky Butson(25) Chipping Norton Golf Club36
29th Nelson Hawkes(19) Brickhampton Court Golf Club35
30th Bob Owen(12) Celtic Manor Resort35
31st Ray Griffiths(19) Monmouthshire Golf Club35
32nd Geoff Gobey(15) Herefordshire Golf Club35
33rd Robert Hall(12) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club35
34th Adam Gillespie(9)35
35th Mike Ostick(18) Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club35
36th A Morgan(12) West Monmouthshire35
37th Lol Cooper(19) Worcester Golf & Country Club35
38th David Thrower(20)35
39th Geoff Gillingham(12) Cotswold Edge Golf Club35
40th Peter Byron(15) Minchinhampton Golf Club34
41st Anthony W Fisher(19) Minchinhampton Golf Club34
42nd Mike Mateunas(20) Chipping Norton Golf Club34
43rd Barry Taylor(17) Worcestershire Golf Club34
44th Geoff Thomas(11)34
45th Frank Short(13) Minchinhampton Golf Club34
46th Patrick Wilkins(13) Cottrell Park Golf Club34
47th Bill Edmonds(14) Beaconsfield Golf Club34
48th Hugh Campbell(13) Mendip Golf Club34
49th Mike Cooper(15)34
50th George Gay(11) Monmouthshire Golf Club34
51st C Greenwood(19) 34
52nd Terry White(9) Rhondda Golf Club34
53rd Dillwyn Alexander(15) Cottrell Park Golf Club34
54th Bill Hall(17) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club34
55th David Steele(9) Clevedon Golf Club33
56th Guy Amos(21) Burghill Valley Golf Club33
57th Tony Kershaw(28)33
58th Dennis Crane(20) Broadway Golf Club33
59th Frank Gallagher(16)33
60th Des Green(16) Rhondda Golf Club33
61st Brian Bird(24) Shrivenham Park Golf Club32
62nd W Sealey(15) Cotswold Edge Golf Club32
63rd Cecil Wheatstone(13)32
64th Mike Poole(23)32
65th John Turner(23) Shrivenham Park Golf Club32
66th John Ashenhurst(11) Lilley Brook Golf Club32
67th Ray Causon(19) South Herefordshire Golf Club32
68th Frank Harvey(13) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club32
69th Robin Lowe(15) Worcester Golf & Country Club32
70th Mike Archer(19) Herefordshire Golf Club32
71st chris belcham(17) Monmouthshire Golf Club32
72nd L Howard(6) 32
73rd David Copeland(14) Burford Golf Club32
74th John Bayliss(18)32
75th Tony O'Sullivan(20) Minchinhampton Golf Club31
76th Ray Underwood(20) St Pierre Golf Club31
77th Stephen Gannaway(14) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club31
78th Alan G Davis(12) Rhondda Golf Club31
79th Tom Jones(13) 31
80th Jim Pilgrim(13) Celtic Manor Resort31
81st John Allen(14)31
82nd T Cullen(17) 31
83rd Merv Cottrell(10) Mendip Golf Club31
84th Roger Smith(13) Worcester Golf & Country Club31
85th Owen Williams(13) Minchinhampton Golf Club31
86th Bob Baggs(15) 31
87th Bob Williams(19) Rhondda Golf Club31
88th Derek Norman(13) Minchinhampton Golf Club31
89th David Harvey(17) Minchinhampton Golf Club31
90th T Higgins(16) Cotswold Edge Golf Club31
91st Ken Johnson(23) Minchinhampton Golf Club31
92nd Peter Lowe(13)31
93rd Ivor Grant(9) Rhondda Golf Club31
94th T White(12) Cotswold Edge Golf Club31
95th Abigail Price(20)31
96th B Wright(11) Knowle Golf Club30
97th Barry Norton(15)30
98th George Withy(23) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club30
99th Dick Hibberd(17) Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club30
100th Ken Gillies(21) Minchinhampton Golf Club30
101st Malcomn Franklin(18) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club30
102nd John Solly(16) Neath Golf Club30
103rd Phil Roberts(8) Chipping Norton Golf Club30
104th Anthony Jones(15) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club30
105th Mick ilsley(13) Alton Golf Club (The)30
106th Dave Every(13)30
107th Martin Pimlow(14)30
108th Edward Turner(22)29
109th David Youngs(8) Shrivenham Park Golf Club29
110th Brian Clouder(15)29
111th Robert Jones(13) Neath Golf Club29
112th Stan Williams(21) Cotswold Edge Golf Club29
113th Graham Baum(19)28
114th P Kay(24) Burford Golf Club28
115th John Tompkins(21) Naunton Downs Golf Club28
116th Allan Ward(13) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club28
117th Ron Goodall(23) 28
118th Doug Jones(17) Monmouthshire Golf Club28
119th Peter JC Metcalfe(14)28
120th Pat Curtis(15)28
121st Andrew Kirby(17) Cotswold Hills Golf Club28
122nd Peter Landau(18)28
123rd Gerald Turner(17)28
124th Chris Sadler(8) Minchinhampton Golf Club27
125th Graham Chick(20)27
126th D 2105 Burchall-Blann(23) Burghill Valley Golf Club27
127th Jeff Thomas(13) Rhondda Golf Club27
128th Philip Wilson(22)27
129th Bruce Lang(15) Bristol & Clifton Golf Club27
130th Dennis Calder(28)27
131st Bev Wrist(21) Shrivenham Golf Club27
132nd John Watt(18) Cotswold Hills Golf Club27
133rd David Thomas(20) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club27
134th Jeff Jones(19) Worcestershire Golf Club26
135th Eric John Stephens(15)26
136th Tony Gatrell(21) Cirencester Golf Club26
137th Cedric McIntyre(19) Monmouthshire Golf Club26
138th Bob Ansell(11) St Pierre Golf Club26
139th Ivor Dicks(11) West Monmouthshire26
140th Ray Cupitt(23) Worcestershire Golf Club26
141st Alan Adams(24) St Pierre Golf Club26
142nd Norman Mann(17) Lilley Brook Golf Club25
143rd Terry Finch(14) Chipping Norton Golf Club25
144th D W Poole(13) Cotswold Edge Golf Club25
145th Ken Vowles(23)25
146th Doug Duncanson(9)24
147th Paul Watts(20) Cotswold Hills Golf Club24
148th A E Maidment(23) Chipping Sodbury Golf Club23
149th John Hubert(23) Burghill Valley Golf Club23
150th Rod Young(17) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club22
151st Ron Pope(21) St Pierre Golf Club22
152nd D Arney(22) Cotswold Edge Golf Club22
DQ George Bragg(15) Minchinhampton Golf ClubDQ no card submitted
DQ John Crouch(23) Shrivenham Golf ClubDQ no card submitted
DQ David Green(14) Clevedon Golf ClubDQ no card submitted

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